Tandem SUP Surfing Giant Waves at Nazaré

There’s SUP surfing giant waves, there’s surfing giant SUPs, and then there’s SUP surfing giant waves on a giant SUP. All three are a little outside the fold in terms of conventional paddle surfing, but never have we seen a combination as crazy as this…

Portugal’s famous surfspot at Nazaré is considered to yield some of the biggest waves on the planet, with wave faces reaching up to 100 feet. Over the years it’s been challenged by dedicated big-wave surfers looking to progress the limits of their sports. But as far as we know it’s never been ridden by multiple people on the same board, and we’re pretty sure no one ever imagined it would be ridden by six guys on the same giant inflatable standup paddleboard. Low and behold, there really is a first for everything.

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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