Ted Navarro Interview

Ted Navarro By Aaron Checkwood

Age: 20
Sponsors: Lost, Planet Earth, Anarchy, Osiris, Ocean and Earth
From: Whittier————————————————————————

A. C. – Who are some of the people you’ve looked up to?

Ted – Kasey Curtis is one of the first guys who really helped me out.

How’d you hook up with him?

He saw me surfing at Churches one night-that’s the biggest one out of all of them. Kasey, for sure.

Who are some others you look up to?

Wardo, Beschen, all the San Clemente guys-all the rippers.

Do you pattern your style after other peoples styles?

No, I just flow it-just surf.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to be pro, I want to be good-I want to be a professional surfer that travels the world and stuff.

Where have you traveled so far?

Costa Rica, Florida, Hawaii, Natividad-that’s about it.

What’s your normal day like?

I wake up at six, drive a half hour to Huntington, then I check it there and surf there if it’s good. If not, drive south and surf wherever south is good.

How many miles a year do you put on your car?

I have 131,000 right now and I’ve had it since ’97.

Do people vibe you because you’re from Whittier even though you surf good?

Yeah, I don’t really like saying I’m from Whittier that much because people look at you different from my point of view.

Do you think being from Whittier has hindered you in any way?

In a way where I can’t go home and eat, but it makes me want to surf all day, everyday-six, seven hours a day. Surf three times a day-that’s it.

Does it make you want to excel that much more?

Yeah, it’s a totally different thing when you come from the beach. If you come from the beach, you have to take advantage of the waves and stuff.

Everybody takes it for granite.

Yeah, but when you’re from Whittier you go.

Whittier’s a half and hour away from the beach?

Yeah, it’s about a half hour, twenty miles from the beach.

What are some other things you like to do?

I like skating a lot-that’s about it. Just surf and skate.

Do you hit any of the parks?

Yeah, they have some good terrain-it’s pretty cool. It’s not that bad when you’re from Whittier, there’s a bunch of chicks.

Being the only professional surfer from Whittier, do you throw that kind of game?

Yeah, I pull game in Whittier.

And it works?

Yeah, it works.

So all the girls in Whittier know who Ted Navarro is?

Yeah, they know. I don’t know, whatever, same inland story.

Where are you off to next?

I’m going to Indo in May. Before that all the QS’s and pro stuff-PSTA.

What’s one of the craziest things to happen to you?

This one big ol’, gnarly, beefy guy dumked me out at Creek and I thought I was gonna die. I almost broke my neck.

Why’d he dunk you?

I don’t know, we were hassling or something. That’s the scariest time I’ve had in my life for sure.

What do you think about people that get all territorial and stuff?

I think it’s cool, if I had a place to claim, I’d claim it too. If I had a hometown I’d claim it too. Since I’m from Whittier it kind of sucks. It’s cool, I just kinda go out and catch my waves.

What kind of music do you listen to?


What are your favorites?

Tupac, Master P, and that’s about it.

I kind of have this dream where I want to get the gold teeth like Juvenile has?

Yeah, Cash Money (Millionaires). Yeah, for sure, I want my grill to be gold-I want that stuff.

If you had a choice between being in Cash Money and a professional surfer, what would you take?

I’d probably want to be a rapper, I want gold teeth and shiny bracelets.

Do you have any Cuban links, fat gold chains?

No, I got a silver ring, that’s about it.

If you could be a rap star who would it be?

Probably this No Limit guy Solldier Slim.


Cause he’s a bad dude. His face is all puffed like he just got beat up. Big ol’ gold teeth-the guys so real. Such a true rapper guy who’s been to jail and stuff-that’s cool.

That’s cool?

Yeah, just from a rapper standpoint.

There’s a lot of thugs in Whittier aren’t there?

Yeah, for sure. One of my friends is one of the toughest kids in Whittier. He isn’t even a gangster-he just fights a lot.

What do you do when he gets into a fight at a party or something?

I just laugh, I just watch him.

‘Cause he whoops ass?

He just whoops everybody’s ass. He’ll take five guys on and knock them all out.

How does he do it?

He’s just gnarly, he doesn’t care.

Is he big?

No, he’s like my size, just a little bit fatter. He’s like my best friend, I’ve grown up with him since I was a little grom. Anybody that has beef he’s right there.

Has he kicked your ass yet?

Yeah, he’s kicked my ass twice.


One time I stole his girlfriend, not stole, but hooked up with some chick he was hooking up with?

He got pissed and whooped on you?

Yeah, he whooped on me.

What about the other time?

Just for some stupid reason. I told him I wasn’t scared of him so he beat me up real quick.

Is he a quiet guy?

No, he’s a full loud guy. He has his lip pierced, his tongue pierced, tattoos and shit. He’s arrogant, but he’s cool. He’s my best friend-nothing to worry about. His name’s Brain. You know the cartoon Pinky and the Brain-he looks like Brain.

Any final words, any props to anybody besides Brain?

Just all my sponsors-thanks for helping out. Don’t let girls ruin your life cause they hinder your surfing.

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