Teenagers film themselves illegally climbing Golden Gate Bridge

In the vein of the current adage “it didn’t happen if it’s not on film,” two teenagers recently illegally climbed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and filmed themselves doing it. Climbing the Golden Gate Bridge is a highly punishable offense.


The teenagers, Peter Teatime and Tommy Rector, told the Daily Mail details of their climb up the 746-foot bridge towers: “It was a tough climb and incredibly tiring, those cables get very steep.”

As if climbing the iconic structure wasn’t enough, the duo also decided to dangle from the cables and hang off the edge of one of the towers.

Teatime also KPIX/CBS 5, “We did it about a month ago, at the beginning of April. There was not a lot of thinking — there’s the bridge, let’s do it. I don’t want to say too much about how we got passed security … I will say security is really tough. It’s really tight. I have a lot of experience with stuff like this so I was able to get around and get on the cables.”

Teatime is an experienced parkour enthusiast, as his YouTube channel shows. But having a public video record comes with risks: it creates evidence of exactly what one did, legal or not.

Giving merit to said risk, The Los Angeles Times points out an investigation by the California Highway Patrol has been underway since last week when authorities became aware of the video and feat.

Two men were arrested last year for the same climb, and another who tried to climb it four years ago was placed on the no-fly list. The L.A. Times says the duo could be facing misdemeanor trespassing charges and fines.

The climbers Peter Teatime and Tommy Rector.

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