Ten Reasons … Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Benji Weatherley

Although he looks and acts like a born and bred beach bum, Benji lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for about a year when he was twelve-that could explain his current infatuation with the place.

His dad, Jim Weatherley, played center for the Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Falcons, and the Washington Redskins.

He got the nickname Mutt from Jack Johnson and Abe Lerner partly because the movie about the dog Benji, but mostly because Benji was just a mutt.

He has a Chihuahua named Little Buddy and it sleeps on Benji’s neck and chest when he’s sleeping. The dog also wears a little sweater complete with a spiked collar.

He lived with Tom Delonge of blink-182 in Pacific Beach, for three years. As two handsome successful bachelors, the stories of wine, women, and song are that of local lore. The blink-182 song “Mutt” was the music for Benji’s section in the Poor Specimen hit surf flick,The Show.

He collects stamps and has a rare U.S. stamp worth about 4,000 dollars. He goes to stamp shows, but usually buys his stamps online.

He’s part owner of a restaurant in Hale’iwa, Hawai’i called Breakers (which has become a legendary nightspot for everybody visiting the North Shore in wintertime).

He shapes boards and has made custom sticks for the likes of Bob Hurley (owner of Hurley), Paul Naude (owner of Billabong), Shane Dorian, Conan Hayes, and Shane Dorian. The best board he’s ever shaped was for Todd Chesser.

His family lived in a house on the North Shore for seven years; two years after they moved out, the house became the Volcom House.

His full name is Benjamin Jordan Weatherley, his favorite food is franks and beans, he hates cigarettes, his favorite drink is vodka tonic, he loves the television show Maximum Exposure, and he’s also a near-scratch golfer (meaning he’s very good).

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