Tense standoff with grizzly bears leaves family angry and shaken

A family in Alberta, Canada, discovered recently that grizzly bears don’t always scare off so easily.

The accompanying footage shows a tense encounter, during which three aggressive bears hoped to raid a duck pen adjacent to the family’s house. (Warning: The footage contains profanity.)

The encounter became scary when horn blasts from a truck, and persistent barking from the family dog were not sufficient to frighten the bears.

“There was no fear in those bears,” Keith Lang, the father, told CBC News on Sunday. “We were laying on the horn because I don’t want grizzly bears in the yard.”

The home is in a rural community south of Calgary. Lang has seen grizzlies before, but they’ve always steered clear of the house. He spotted these bears in the distance while filling cattle troughs, and thought they’d also “make a wide berth around the place.”

Instead, they walked boldly into the yard, and through fences, as if to investigate food prospects.

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Lang’s wife exclaimed, “Oh my God, they are already in the yard.”

That was Lang’s daughter Kayla began to videotape the encounter. The footage reveals the determination by Lang – now in his truck – to spook the bears, and their determination to get closer to Kayla’s pet ducks.

“Once you spook them, usually they will get out of Dodge, so to speak,” Lang said. “These ones did not care whatsoever and they weren’t going to be told what to do and they weren’t going to leave.”

Finally, through, they did leave, after Lang drove his truck to within 10 feet of the largest bear.

But the family remained on edge, wondering if the bears would return before hibernation season begins.

The Fish & Wildlife department will not trap the bears, which like other bears are a little bolder while trying to fatten up before hibernation. But the agency has offered electric fencing for the duck pen.

That may or may not be sufficient, and many of those posting comments beneath Kayla’s YouTube video suggested the use of Bear Banger launchers, bear repellent, or a gun to scare the grizzlies away, should they return.

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