‘The Burn’ shows what skiing powder after a forest fire looks like

Skiing deep powder just after a forest fire has ravaged an area is no doubt a rarity, if it happens at all. “The Burn,” a video brought to you by Salomon Freeski TV, shows what it might be like. Skiers Chris Rubens and Mike Henitiuk enjoy powder through an area that seems to still be smoldering, with hot embers glowing while the skiers plow by. Whether it’s real or fake, the poignant and powdery video is plenty entertaining.

Salomon Freeski introduces the video like this:

Every summer, forest fires burn wildly acrossthe temperate mountain regions of the world. As destructive as they are, theyhave a purpose and beauty that often goes unappreciated. As winter arrives inthe burned forest, so do the skiers. They have come to celebrate new linesopened up by the previous summer’s fires that have now burned themselves out–or have they?

Real or fake embers? Hmmm. Does it really matter?

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