The cities we’d love to see host the 2019/2020 X Games

On Tuesday, ESPN announced in a press release that it is opening the bidding for cities interested in hosting the 2019 and 2020 Summer X Games.

The news comes just two months after ESPN revealed that it chose Minneapolis to host the the 2017 and 2018 version of the event following a three-year residency in Austin, Texas.

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While the press release might come as a bit of a shock to spectators in Minneapolis, it gives fans a chance to dream about what cities they’d like to see the festival travel to after its stay in the City of Lakes.

And so, in the spirit of completely baseless predictions and wild hopes, here are the cities we’d love to see host the 2019 and 2020 X Games.

San Diego

Summer X games San Diego
San Diego is already home to a wide array action sports athletes and brands, why not bring the X Games back? Photo: Courtesy of Bill Dickinson/Flickr
There may not be city in America better suited to host the X Games than San Diego.

America’s Finest City has already proven it can be successful as the Summer X Games home base, having hosted the games in 1997 and 1998.

Its close proximity to action sports havens like Temecula and Carlsbad means it will have no issue providing a fan base, and seeing that the Olympics are now including surfing, if the X Games decide to do the same, San Diego County offers countless worthy surf venues.

Portland, Oregon

Summer X games Portland
Few cities in the U.S. have embraced skateboarding quite like Portland. Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Hawk/Flickr
The fact that Portland hasn’t yet hosted an X Games is pretty wild.

The city is a skateboarding hotbed, having embraced the sport for a long time while many other cities have famously shunned skaters.

The city plays home to Burnside Skatepark, one of the most iconic skate locales in the entire U.S., which was built by skateboarders under a bridge without the city’s permission in 1990 before being officially endorsed by the city in 1993.

And, in 2008 Portland adopted a citywide skatepark system plan to construct 19 new parks.

Plus, it’s one of the best beer cities in the world, and home to a thriving food scene, so the entertainment options for visitors would be endless.


Summer X Games chicago
Despite its reputation for bone-chilling winters, Chicago’s Lake Michigan shoreline glistens in the summer. Photo: Courtesy of Roman Boed/Flickr
Chicago was reportedly in the running to host the 2017 and 2018 Summer X Games before ESPN settled on Minneapolis, so why not show the country’s third largest city some love and let it host?

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A short glance at the history of the X Games shows that it has never been hosted in the Midwest, meaning Chicago offers ESPN a chance to impress a new market.

The Windy City has already shown it can produce top-level action sports athletes like skateboarder Chaz Ortiz, and while it might be known for its cold winters, the shores of Lake Michigan can be heavenly in the summer months.


Summer X Games Denver
Denver is getting bigger every year and could allow the X Games to bring back events like mountain biking or introduce new sports like downhill skateboarding. Photo: Courtesy of Al Case/Flickr
Denver, realistically, should have already hosted a Summer X Games.

The city — and Colorado as a whole — has played an integral part in the history of multiple action sports from mountain biking to snowboarding, and is currently the fastest-growing large city in the country, meaning the city won’t struggle with attendance numbers.

Denver also gives the X Games an opportunity to continue its tradition of introducing new sports to the equation (remember skysurfing?) by allowing the X Games to capitalize on the growing downhill skateboarding movement.

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Colorado is home to some of the best downhill skateboarding roads in the world, and would help ESPN seamlessly integrate the sport into its Summer X Games roster.

Unfortunately, given the fact that the Winter X Games have already found a long-term home in Aspen, the chances of another city in Colorado being awarded the Summer X Games seem pretty slim.

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