The girls of SURFING’s Swimsuit Issue know how to have fun

Are you feeling restless at work? Is the drone of your day-to-day existence in an office space slowly driving you insane and making you pine for a life lived more in the great outdoors – void of copy machines and overly nosy coworkers? Are you ready for the warm embrace of summer?

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If you answered yes to one (or all three) of these questions, you should stop what you’re doing and check out the new video release from SURFING celebrating its 2016 Swimsuit Issue.

SURFING Swimsuit issue
Model Kara Del Toro makes the Bahamas look awfully nice, doesn’t she?

Filled with sunshine, warm water and pretty girls, the video features lovely models Juliana Herz, Anna Herrin, Kara Del Toro and Scarlett Leithold, as well as pro surfers Nikki Van Dijk, Malia Manuel, Coco Ho and Tia Blanco frolicking through the Bahamas and British Virgin Islands. Along the way, they encounter everything from sharks to wild hogs and crystal blue Caribbean barrels.

Will watching this relieve the overwhelming feeling of dread you have sitting in a cubicle every day? No, probably not. But it will give you a few ideas for your next vacation, and that’s really all that matters.

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