The Great Outdoors Guide

Mountain biking cliff rotator

The impulse to test limits is built into the male DNA. Asking for directions? Not so much. So consider this your handbook to adrenaline on the rocks, in the sea, and through the air. It’s your compass to the best outdoor gear, sports, and activities spanning from one corner of the globe to the other. Whether you want to climb sheer granite, kayak across cerulean waters, or plunge down backcountry single-tracks on a mud-splattered mountain bike, this is outdoor overdrive for the guy with true guts and grit.

Crack the Surface: Rivers, Coasts, and Caves

Ride a Wind-Powered Rush: Paddleboarding

Best Camping Gear

Master the Urban Jungle: Skateboarding, BMX and Parkour

Essential Gear for Rock Climbing and Bouldering

Mountain Bikes vs. Road Bikes

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