The John Cena Workout

 Kris Connor / Getty Images for WWE

John Cena, the 14-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, has been one of WWE's superstars for more than a decade, working five to seven days a week on shows around the world, often with little or no down time. Working out on the road has become second nature to the 6-foot-1, 240-pound bruiser, whose routine includes ample crunches, and mostly weight-free exercises.

"You have to set your priorities," Cena says. "You have to define a goal, whatever it may be, realize how much it will take and carve it out in your schedule. To the business people out there on the road for 100 to 300 days a year, you can maintain a healthy life more easily than you can imagine."

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Cena is the founder of BodyChange, a 10-week nutrition and workout program inspired by the goal of helping his father lose weight. It's a program built busy for men. "If you're on the road," Cena says "you can get a great workout in your hotel room – two workouts a week for 20 minutes can be done anywhere. If you have a 10 a.m. meeting, do it before you take a shower and go into the rest of the day all set. Just move your body as much as you can. Do simple movements like body weight squats all the way to advance moves like burpees. You don't need a gym."

Cena focuses less on pure bodybuilding than on strength exercises that allow him to maintain his athleticism and avoid injuries. Day 1 of his five-day workout begins with leg and calf work, before moving to chest, arms, shoulders and back to fill out the week. After completing each day's cycle, he follows that with one set of 60 ab crunches.

"Nutrition is an enormous portion as well," says Cena. "In the long and short, it's about making decent nutritional choices – knowing good restaurants to go to, eating healthy." He focuses on detailing high protein food sources like vegetables, legumes and meat, while emphasizing healthy and mindful choices when fueling your body. Another element of the program is two weekly, 20-minute workouts that are available online, based on Cena's legendary workout routine.

On the eve of WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans, Cena is preparing to battle Bray Wyatt in one of the main events. "This is the 10th WrestleMania I will have a match in," Cena says. "My legacy is at stake and I want to prove to the world that I've still got it. So [working out] is a priority in my life. It dominates the scheduling of my day. The days I need to work out, I find a place where I can."