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The Most Popular Dog Names of 2017

 Tara Gregg/Eye Em/Getty Images

Dogs, undeniably, are amazing. And most dog owners (and the scientific community) would agree that owning a pup makes our lives richer, happier, and longer. After all, a majority of pet owners consider their beloved companions members of their own families. So, it’s no surprise that picking the perfect moniker for a dog is serious business.

From funny and cute to spunky and sassy, Rover (the site that makes it easy to find a dog walker or sitter for when you can’t be with your four-legged best friend) did a survey of dog owners in the United States and found the most popular new names. This year’s list includes some classic winners: Max and Charlie are clear champs for boys, while Bella and Lucy hold court for girls.

But the study also found that now more than ever, dog owners are looking to pop culture for some name inspiration. Unsurprisingly, names from binge watch-worthy TV shows are on the up and up. Khaleesi and Eleven saw major increases at 12% and 166% respectively. And names inspired by iconic sci-fi movie names, like Leia and Rey, increased in popularity by 70%.

Did your pooch’s namesake make the cut? Or, do you need some inspiration for a new pup? Either way, check out the infographic below.