The NBA Finals Kick Off With an All-Star Edition of Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel's dibs on ABC network's NBA Finals coverage has allowed the late-night comedian's special pregame broadcasts to dish out one of the best editions of Celebrity Mean Tweets we've seen yet. In preparation for Game 1 on Thursday night, Kimmel rounded up an impressive group of players to read an assortment of Internet insults containing 140 characters or less for his Mean Tweets NBA Edition 3. As Kimmel pointed out on his YouTube channel, it's not like pro athletes don't get plenty of heckling from the stands, but it's a whole new ball game when the quiet, individual abuses of Twitter are spoken out loud.


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In this roundup, some of the slams didn't take the recipients by surprise. After reading a tweet from Ohio rapper Stalley saying, "Jeff van Gundy is a Fool," JVG deadpanned, "I is." A little more offended was Wesley Matthews, who after reading "Wesley Matthews complains about every foul. Just go eat donuts on the bench you fat fuck," Matthews fired back: "Fat f–k? F–king 6 percent body fat."

The mean tweets continued on the theme of taking low blows to players' appearances. Draymond Green laughed after reading @nickb414's tweet that he looks like "Donkey from Shrek." But Blake Griffin wasn't smilng after this burn from @staykaziming reading, "GOODBYE BLAKE GRIFFIN YOU SOFT GINGER HAIR COLORED LINDSEY LOHAN FRECKLED FACE TWO HEADED BITCH TAKE YA ASS HOME BITCH."  

But that didn't top the list as the most undeserved tweet. That was reserved for Stephen Curry. We thought everybody liked Curry, but apparently not @zcutler45, who tweeted, "Imagine the damage Steph Curry would be doing in the NBA if he didn't have such a girly name #changeittosteve." To which Curry only affirmed our adoration by replying, "Steve's a terrible name. Oh, shoot! That's my coach's name." It's fine, Stephen, Steve Kerr still loves you, too. 

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