The Needle And Thread Are Dead

Rip Curl Unveils The Worlds First Stitchless Boardshort

The world’s first stitchless boardshorts are here – thanks to the international surfing company Rip Curl.

Combining 21st century technologies with its constant search for technological innovation and progression has driven Rip Curl to re-invent the boardshort for the new millennium. And the surfing essential has never looked so startlingly different or performed so well.


As 2002 world number five and Rookie Of The Year Mick Fanning says: “Code : STL feel really light to wear and fit incredibly well – they are the best boardshorts I’ve ever worn.”

Why? Laser-cutting the fabric, electro-welding the seams and assembling the pieces in a mould results in the best fitting, most comfortable and most durable boardshorts ever made.

* Best fitting because mould assembly allows the fabrics to be contoured to fit and move with the human body in a way never seen before.

* Most comfortable because the absence of stitches means any discomfort from sewn seams is now an irritation of the past.

* And we’re so confident about the durability of Code : STL that Rip Curl is offering a lifetime guarantee on the seams – just as we do with our world-leading wetsuits.

The person primarily responsible for the development of the Code : STL boardshort is Rip Curl Group Surfwear Chairman Fred Basse. Fresh from tackling 60-foot surf and contending for the US$50,000 prize for riding the biggest waves of the year, Fred explains where the idea for the Code : STL boardshort originated: “We employ and sponsor a lot of surfers and in talking to them about boardshorts, a common complaint was that stitched seams are annoying and uncomfortable.


“So coming up with the stitchless idea wasn’t that hard, although getting from the idea to actually producing Code : STL boardshorts required plenty of work with a variety of people and organisations over the past three years. But we’ve broken through to come up with a world first that we’re confident surfers around the world in warm climates will really appreciate.” Fred continued: “All that we have learned in making the Code : STL boardshorts has given us a great headstart on our competitors for applying the combination of technologies to other apparel and products that we will also release in the near future.”

New Rip Curl USA CEO Jimmy Olsson will launch the new Code : STL boardshort in the USA at the prestigious ASR Trade Show in California in September, followed by Surf Expo in Florida. He said: “Unveiling Code : STL is a great start for me with Rip Curl. One of the reasons I joined the company is their dedication to technological innovation and Code : STL is another example of their enduring commitment to producing the best possible products for surfers. Just like Rip Curl’s tide watches and wetsuits, the Code : STL boardshort will help surfers enjoy the act of riding waves even more.”

The launch of the Code : STL boardshort will involve a massive worldwide promotional and advertising campaign, with a million dollar investment across television, print media and the internet.

Provocative print advertising and PR will not only be found in mainstream lifestyle magazines like FHM, Maxim, and Loaded, but also in the leading core surfing magazines like Surf Session, Surfers, Surfer Rule and Wavelength in Europe; Surfing Life, Waves and Tracks in Australia; Surfer, Surfing, and Transworld Surf in the USA; and Fluir and Hard Core in Brazil.

The Internet will also be an important communication tool throughout, with the use of websites such as,,,,,,, and

Rip Curl – Built FFor Riding

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