The New York Times covers San Diego night surfing

Night surfing is nothing new. Surfers have done so for decades for all sorts of reasons: as a rite of passage, to avoid crowds, to celebrate a full moon. Heck, some countries are even installing lights specifically designed to attract surfers into lineups at night.

But what is new is The New York Times covering night surfing in the Sports section on April 20, and featuring it as the main story on the homepage of their website. It is certainly rare to see anything dealing with surfing make it to the homepage of the esteemed newspaper.

The homepage of The New York Times on April 20. Photo: Screenshot

The story, entitled “It’s a Nice Night for Surfing. Beware of Sharks,” follows a crew of San Diego surfers in the pursuit of night surfing during a full moon, exploring the reasons and risks of doing so.

“It’s not only about trying to get away from the crowds,” 55-year-old Helmut Igel said in the story. “It’s the ambience, which is hard for me to put into words.”

For the story, Igel brought along writer Jared Whitlock and photographer Donald Miralle for the chance to partake in some night surfing during a full moon, under the condition of no naming spots of course.

“Somewhere between Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base and the curving La Jolla coastline 40 miles to the south,” as Whitlock put it.

The story also mentions the peril of sharks: “Sharks, while rare along the coast here, can hunt at night. And surfers cannot count on being rescued by lifeguards; they left hours ago.”

Ultimately, the story is a pretty fair assessment of night surfing pursuits and definitely worth a read. Head over to The NY Times to check it out.

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