The NY Times follows skateboarders as they bomb hills in San Francisco

Bombing hills in San Francisco is an art form the skateboarders there have perfected over the years. Hill bombing is synonymous with skating in the City by the Bay — it’s essentially a badge of honor to be able to do it so well.

So The New York Times decided to bring this underground cultural tradition to light in their Daily 360 video on Monday, following San Francisco skaters through the streets and down hills.

Employing the likes of legendary skateboard filmer Ryan Garshell (aka GX1000), the video follows a crew of skaters as they wind through traffic, red lights and down the paved streets of San Francisco.

Garshell, who has called San Francisco home for a few years now, narrates as the crew bombs the hills. He tells how they mostly have the timing of the lights down, so it’s not quite as sketchy as it seems. And he also tells the story of when he was hit by a car.

“You always have to trust the people you’re with,” Garshell tells. “Because if they fall, you’re most likely, you’re so close, that you have a chance of falling. The reason I continue to do it is because of these bonds we’ve built through friends, too.”

It’s certainly a sketchy undertaking, but one that Garshell and crew do better than most.

The crew taking on the hills of San Francisco.

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