The Rare ‘Slurpee Wave’ Happened Again, Witness It in This Incredible Video

The natural phenomena that has hit the island of Nantucket the past few winters due to freezing cold temperatures has struck again. That’s right, the Slurpee Wave is back in 2018 and photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh was there again to document the icy waves.

The Slurpee Wave strikes again. Photo: Jonathan Nimerfroh

Not only that, but video of two surfers (Jamie Briard and Nick Hayden) braving the slurpee waves for a session at Nobadeer Beach on Jan. 2 gives an overarching view of the experience.

The air temperature was 12-degrees while the ocean was a balmy 36 on this particular day, which both lend themselves to some ice formation. Keep in mind, this is the ocean, not fresh water like those photos you see from the Great Lakes with the crazy ice beards — salt water freezes at a much lower temperature than fresh water.

“It’s not that bad once you get in there,” Jamie Briard said after getting out from the slushy waters.

“I’ve never done anything like that,” Nick Hayden says after getting out, icicles formed on both of them. “I could see my fins slicing through the slush.”

Jamie Briard floating in the slushy ocean. Photo: Jonathan Nimerfroh

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