The Real Thing Is Back…Flexdex Skateboards Re-Launches With An All-Star Line Up

The skateboard company that has always been “All about the RideTM is celebrating their re-entry with Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Boards

San Diego, CA (September 21, 2005) — Flexdex Skateboards, the industries foremost authority on fiberglass skateboards is re-launching on October 1, 2005, with the boards that first caught the attention of the skateboard world and revolutionized the longboard industry. The company is re-opening its doors with a line of highly anticipated Limited Edition 10 th Anniversary boards. Kicking off the new school with the old school, Flexdex is back! “People loved our boards in the past because a Flexdex gave them a ride that no other skateboard could, said Ebone, CEO of Flexdex. “Our boards gave riders the same surfing feeling as a clean cutback on a wave or a smooth snowboard carve in powder. Flexers loved the ride they got on our boards and that ride is what we’re bringing back.

Flexdex’s will be sold via exclusive dealers (specialized surf, skate and snowboard shops) across the country and online. With a boarding community in every corner of the world, everyone will have access to the Flexdex Revolution.

About Flexdex
Flexdex products are produced by Flexdex, LLC in San Diego, CA. Flexdex® material is an engineered unlaminated fiberglass composite utilizing 6 different resins and fiberglass. These boards will never delam, break, or die…ever. 30% more energy is transmitted to the wheels than wood decks. Our decks flex and twist with torque – turning sharper and accelerating through each turn. A flexdex® absorbs road vibrations – you can skate longer and harder. You tilt a wood deck to turn it. You DRIVE and CARVE a flexdex®. The harder you drive, the tighter you carve. Flexdex is a well respected skateboard company in demand throughout the world.
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