The Record-Breaking 207 MPH Bike Ride

A French stuntman reached 207 mph on a bike, breaking his previous record for world's fastest bicycle. The pilot, François Gissy, relied on three rocket thrusters and an engine pushing 3.1 g of acceleration on the Circuit Paul Ricard racetrack in southern France. Gissy also achieved the feat while easily outpacing a 490-horsepower Ferrari F430 down the track.

Gissy rode a long and low custom frame that allowed him to hold a more aerodynamic Superman position. The bike still uses skinny, slick road bike tires with working pedals and a chain — though he didn't pedal during the run. Gissy's friend Arnold Neracher designed the rig, as well as the bike that hit their previous mark of 177 mph.

Neracher's company, Exotic Thermo Engineering, is already at work on their next bike. Dubbed "Spine Crusher," the new bicycle could, in theory writes Neracher, reach 10 g of acceleration off the line. He expects the bike to surpass 250 mph and be running in early 2015.