Gender roles are reversed in this new mountain biking video

Much has been written about how to take your girlfriend on outdoor adventures, how to be supportive but not condescending, how to deal when she’s frustrated that you ride too fast. But what happens when it’s your boyfriend who can’t keep up?

Canadian pro mountain biker turned filmmaker Darcy Turrene, who has probably had to babysit plenty of boys on the trail, flips the script, and gives us a day in the life of a mountain biking couple.

He gets crampy. And nervous. And jealous of the other men she meets on the trail. And pissed off when she waits, and then when she doesn’t wait. Sound familiar?

Turrene plays herself, and pretty much nails the stereotype. Fellow British Columbia-based pro rider Geoff Gulevich, who is competing in the Munich X Games right now, does an almost too convincing job as the whiny dude.

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