The ShinShackle stylishly protects pants from bike chains

It only takes one smear of chain grease across your pants for you to never make that mistake again—you become a pant leg roller, a sock tucker, a taper. Yes, protecting your shins from hungry bike chains often times means sacrificing style, a small price to pay for arriving with clean, tear-free trousers. Ok, now get ready for one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments.

Photo courtesy of Shin Shackle.
Photo courtesy of Shin Shackle

With a wide range of pant protectors on the market, few of them rival the options from ShinShackle, a San Francisco-based accessories company that is hand making cotton canvas leg wraps in a variety of colors and patterns. Available in 5-inch Short Shackle or 11-inch Tall Shackle models, ShinShackles wrap around your ankle or shin and secure with a short band of reflective PVC tape for high visibility.

ShinShackles offer just enough protection while protecting your style at the same time—classic dressers will appreciate plain black, grey, denim, demure polka dot, and camo print options while attention-lovers will probably order the hot pink version with purple peace signs (there are 12 styles available). So do they work? We can’t make promises on your personal style, but for dings, smears, and splatters, you’re golden. MSRP $19.99 to 25.95,

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