The Story Behind Lars Andersen’s New Level of Archery Video

Lars Andersen's "New Level of Archery" debunks Hollywood's portrayal of archery — from Lord of the Rings to Robin Hood — with a mesmerizing tribute to nearly forgotten archery techniques.

Andersen is a self-described painter and writer from Denmark who began dabbling in ancient archery practices 10 years ago. His YouTube montage takes us through high-speed historical practices while also pulling off stunts like shooting an in-flight arrow, or catching and returning an incoming arrow.

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"This guy is the Clint Eastwood of archery," says Tim Wells, professional bow hunter and host of the TV show, Relentless Pursuit. "Or if I was talking to someone who had never shot a bow and arrow, I'd say he is the 'Bruce Lee playing ping pong of archery.' We have all played ping-pong and none of us can play with nun chucks — that's what this guy's skillset with a bow is comparable to. He's a badass."

Experts agree that the skills demonstrated in the video are unbelievable, but also completely real. "His skillset is tremendous," says Byron Ferguson, owner of the Bare Bow Archery School and star archer on the History Channel's show, Extreme Marksmen.  "These shots are legitimate, despite some video editing. His speed is almost unbelievable."

By employing ancient techniques, such as holding multiple arrows in his draw hand and shooting from the right side of his bow, Andersen is able to shoot three arrows in 0.6 seconds (he's also a speed world record holder). "Archery is 90 percent mental training and only 10 percent physical," says Ferguson. "But his athleticism and accuracy are an amazing combination."

Andersen's combination of physical ability and mental capacity won't be challenged anytime in the near future, even by other pros. "I definitely wouldn't want to get in a bow fight with this guy," says Wells. "I could see him becoming a Hollywood star."

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