The top foods ever eaten while surfing

Typically, one wants to wait 30 minutes after eating before going in the water. But for surfers, when the waves are firing there’s no time to waste. Which means maybe you have to eat while in the lineup.

After witnessing the wonder of a sushi-eating surfer this week, we decided to gather all the foods that have been eaten while surfing and put them in one nice, convenient place so you could try them out yourself (or not).


Alex Gray may be the seminal food-eater while surfing. Tacos in the barrel? No problem for Mr. Gray.


Sure, Pizza Hut isn’t real pizza, and Kolohe Andino doesn’t exactly eat a “slice” while surfing Teahupoo; he merely enters his password on a phone to pay for it in Visa Checkout. But that’s about as close as we’ll get to eating pizza in the lineup.


In one of the more meta things one can eat while surfing, sushi is certainly atop the list. Eating fish while in the ocean (and in the barrel) was certainly not a problem for surfer Pedro Boonman.


We told you Alex Gray was the man to watch when it comes to eating food while surfing. Here, he takes the popular Mexican street food of elote (grilled corn on a stick) and heads inside the tube where no corn has gone before.

Chinese food

Yes, this isn’t technically surfing (it’s wake surfing behind a boat). But this one certainly wasn’t easy, as eating out of those Chinese-food containers with chopsticks is hard enough on land.

Honorable mention: Kelly Slater’s beer chug

True, beer is not a food — unless you’re a college student and still think it is. But Kelly Slater’s chugging of a Foster’s inside the barrel on his historic 2005 day at Teahupoo is still one of the better instances of ingesting something while surfing.

Alex Gray handles tacos in the barrel — hard shell!

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