These are some of the best skateboarding musicians

The world of skateboarding has always been inextricably linked with music.

As seen in the successful music careers that skate legends like Matt Hensley, Ray Barbee and Tommy Guerrero forged after making their names in the sport, music has always been interwoven into the fabric of skateboarding.

And so, in light of that, we decided to round up a collection of some famous musicians who — unbeknownst to many — also foster a deep love of skateboarding.

Matt Costa

It might be hard to believe that the guy who sings soft folk songs like “Lullaby” and “Mr. Pitiful” was, at one point in his life a promising young pro in the world of skateboarding, but that’s exactly the deal with Matt Costa.

Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, Costa didn’t get serious about his music career until he shattered his leg during a bad landing off a 10-stair ledge just after he finished high school. In the 18 months he was laid up recovering, he took to music more seriously, and the rest is history.

Dhani Harrison

When you’re the spawn of George Harrison, there’s no real need to pick up a sport that — almost by definition — comes replete with sprained ankles and wrists, but that never stopped Dhani Harrison.

The British multi-instrumentalist and lead singer and guitarist of Thenewno2 doesn’t just treat skateboarding like a minor hobby: He actually did the score for and worked as the co-producer of “Liminal,” the first major video part released by Rodney Mullen in over a decade which dropped in July.

Ben Harper

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It might not come as a huge shock to you if you’ve followed how passionate Harper is about surfing or watched his music video for “Ground on Down,” but Ben Harper is a keen skateboarder.

The 47-year-old Harper landed his first switch 360 flip just a couple of years ago, and frequently posts to his personal Instagram feed showing his skateboarding progression.

J Mascis

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J Mascis, the 51-year-old lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of Dinosaur Jr. — a very popular band for early skate parts, particularly of the Alien Workshop variety — really loves skateboarding.

In fact he (and the band) love the sport so much that they filmed the music video for their new single “Goin Down” at the House of Vans in Brooklyn. And the single they released prior to “Goin Down”? That was “Tiny” and the music video for that featured not only Mascis, as well as his bulldog, skateboarding.

Jeff Ament

The bassist for Pearl Jam is extremely passionate about skateboarding and its transformative ability.

He collaborated with Vans to build a shoe to help support the Stronghold Society non-profit in its quest to build a skatepark in the impoverished Native American reservation of Pine Ridge in South Dakota.

To date, he has built over a dozen skateparks in rural areas across the country.

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