These Surf-Inspired Snowboards Will Reconnect You with Your Carving Roots

There is something mesmerizing about a laid back soul carve. Borrowed from our surfing forefathers, an arching turn can look as cool as the most progressive trick and be perfected anywhere in the world from the wide open powder fields of Alaska to the corduroy groomers of Vermont.

It’s time to lay into those edges. Photo: Courtesy of United Shapes

The carve has seen a renaissance of sorts in the last few years, from the Yawgoons energetic edits to the Warp Wave crew’s Sierra soul sessions. Progressive snowboarders have started to look back to and draw inspiration from our past when snowboard legends like Craig Kelly and Damien Sanders could turn a carve into a work of art.

With a renewed interest in surf-inspired boards and terrain, snowboard companies have started to develop products combine elements of modern tech with surf style shapes that are a nod to snowboarding’s past. What this has created is a number of surf-inspired snowboards that make surfing the whole mountain enjoyable for everyday snowboarders.

K2 Snowboards — Simple Pleasures

Photo: Courtesy of K2

The K2 Snowboards Simple Pleasures is a snow surfing dream machine. With an outline inspired by the modern fish surfboard, the Simple Pleasures is a clear example of how snowboard companies are using volume redistribution to create snowboards that can be ridden smaller and still achieve maximum float in powder and excelled edge control on groomers.

The Simple Pleasures comes in a 151 and 156 as its large nose, directional shape, and directional profile allow it to be ridden several centimeters smaller than your everyday snowboard.

Jones Snowboards — Mind Expander

Photo: Courtesy of Jones Snowboards

When you get snowboard legend Jeremy Jones and world renowned surfboard shaper Chris Christenson in the same room the results are bound to be extraordinary. For the last several years Jones and Christenson have been spending time both on hill and in the shaping bay working to perfect surf inspired snowboards.

The result is the Jones Mind Expander, an all mountain freestyle board that combines the best of surf design and snowboard tech. The Mind Expander has a shortened tail and wider profile to give it a surfy and carve focused feel in what Jones himself calls “the alternative, all mountain, and all conditions board.”

United Shapes — Cadet

Photo: Courtesy of United Snowboards

Form their first year of manufacturing boards the team at United Shapes has looked for ways they could blend timeless design with modern tech. The Cadet is the perfect combination of old school surf-inspired shape with modern touches like a slightly tapered profile that allows for surf worthy float in powder without sacrificing the ability to ride backwards.

The Cadet was created by the team at United Shapes and professional snowboarder Gray Thompson one of the ambassadors of the modern carve movement. If you’re looking for a board that will inspire to engage your rail and put it on edge The Cadet is a great choice.

Lib Tech — …Lost Twin Rocket

Photo: Courtesy of Lib Tech

When Lib Tech founder Mike Olson and …Lost Surfboards founder Matt Biolos announced that they would be working together to create surf inspired snowboards it was a dream come true for snow surfers everywhere. Biolos is an avid snowboarder and is one of the most important surfboard shapers in the world.

He currently shapes boards for many of the world’s best competitive and free surfers. Biolos teamed up with Lib Tech to create the …Lost Twin Rocket a snowboard that combines the best of Lib Tech technology with …Lost’s iconic Rocket shape. The result is a twin tip all mountain carve machine that comes alive in powder and is quick edge to edge giving it a snappy and controlled turning radius. When the white waves are pumping, the Lib Tech …Lost Twin Rocket will help you score from dawn patrol to sunset.

The Arbor Snowboards Cosa Nostra

Photo: Courtesy of Arbor Snowboards

Arbor Snowboards is based out of Venice, California, the coastal community known for being a hub of surf culture. Being in such close proximity to the beach is a key influence for Arbor and their surf-inspired snowboards. While Arbor has a number of surf-inspired shapes in their lineup, this year’s Cosa Nostra is a true nod to the alternative surfboard movement.

Borrowing elements of the modern fish, the Cosa Nostra features a wider pointed nose and tucked in tail to offer a surf like sensation while riding powder and groomers.

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