This cyclist prefers to fly down the road like Superman

Recently, the Dafne Fixed bicycle company uploaded a video of team rider Michael Guerra taking a unique approach to a downhill section of a ride by taking his feet off the pedals of his bike and extending his entire body off the bike frame parallel to the ground, a la Superman:

Since being uploaded, the video has been viewed over 78,000 times, with many commenters amazed at how aerodynamic Guerra apparently makes himself with the maneuver, and others impressed that he was able to clip his feet back into his fixed gear bike while the pedals were spinning so fast.

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If the stunt seems like a bit of a fluke, it’s not — Guerra originally went viral for doing a similar stunt back in August:

In fact, riding his bike in a Superman position seems to be somewhat of a passion for Guerra, one that he doesn’t just limit to paved roads:

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