This guy turned an ambulance into the ultimate adventuremobile

Tobias Scott has taken “van life” to a new level with his tricked-out ambulance-turned-house on wheels — or as we like to refer to it, the “Vanbulance.”

We took a tour of the Vanbulance, to see what life on the road is like in a retired ambulance.

The outside of the Vanbulance. Photo: Hayley Helms

Scott’s journey started a year and a half ago, when he decided living life in one location just wasn’t for him.

Tobias has outfitted the inside of his Vanbulance with a kitchen, sleeping space, and plenty of storage from the original ambulance interior. Photo: Hayley Helms

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He was searching for vans on Craigslist that he could turn into a mobile home, when a buddy bought an old ambulance with the same idea, but didn’t have time to give it the proper renovation.

Tobias has customized the kitchen to include a sink, flexible dining table (left) and lots of storage. Photo: Hayley Helms

Scott bought the ambulance from his friend, and has spent the last year and a half living out of (and perfecting) his new home. Shortly after he started the renovations, Scott created a blog to document his travels and growing interest in photography.

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Originally from Idaho, he’s traveled from Canada to Baja, and has lived in Oregon, California and his home state, along with countless other locations along the way.

Just a few of the bumper stickers featured on the Vanbulance. Photo: Hayley Helms

The first remodel project for the Vanbulance was ripping out the interior of the original ambulance, and replacing it with wood paneling and floors. From there, Scott has crafted his own removable dining room table, kitchen and storage areas.

When asked what the biggest challenge to van life was, Scott said keeping organized was at the top of the list, but also the variability and fragility of his position was a unique challenge.

Tobias plans on taking his vanbulance wherever it will go, as long as it doesn’t get stuck. Photo: Katie Rodriguez

“The scary thing is how fast this could all end. Someone could hit me, one repair could go wrong, and I’d be done. That’s part of the excitement though. It’s why I’m doing this,” Scott told GrindTV.

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