Meet the Woman Who Rides Her Bike Over 20,000 Miles a Year

This is Lael Wilcox. She’s an ultra-endurance bicycle racer who has ridden over 20,000 miles each of the last three years.

Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, Wilcox got into racing when a friend challenged her to enter a 400-mile road race three years ago. She signed up three days before the event and ended up winning on her mom’s borrowed road bike. Now, she’s one of the best ultra-endurance racers in the world.

Wilcox now competes in some of the longest ultra-endurance bike races in the world. And she regularly beats the women and the men.

She credits her ability to conserve time and energy, as well as not needing as much sleep as others for her success. Currently, she also teaches cycling camps, is training for two new races and is attempting to ride every major road in her home state of Alaska this summer.

“Well, they do think it’s crazy,” Wilcox says about how others typically think of all the riding she does. “Yeah, I’m not recommending other people ride this much. I’m not telling everybody they should do what I do. I just do it because I want to.”

Lael Wilcox is a driven woman.

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