Thousands of fishermen create chaos on Nanlei River in China

Aerial view shows the madness of a fishing festival on the Nanlei River in China.

Thousands of fishermen lined the banks of the Nanlei River in the Yunnan Province of China on Wednesday, waiting for the official start of a fishing festival that helps celebrate the traditional Dai New Year.

Precisely at noon, the fishermen armed with nets and baskets descended upon the river like customers cramming into shops when they open on Black Friday. The scene is absolute chaos:

Once given the word go, the fishermen clamored into the waist-deep water of the Nanlei River to catch fish as fast as they could, covering every inch of the river.

For some fishermen it only took a matter of minutes to catch five to six fish, according to CCTV and Euro News.

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The fish were mostly catfish and bighead carp, some weighing more than 22 pounds.

“The carnival, which is now in its thirteenth year, has become a unique activity during the traditional New Year celebrated by the Dai ethnic minority inhabiting the region,” the CCTV wrote. “It is also called the Water-Splashing Festival and usually falls in mid-April.”

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