Three Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot Right Now

Flu shot man rotator

Chills, fatigue, fever, cough, headache, sore throat, aches and pains—before you let these flu symptoms sideline your life (and workouts) this winter, you might want to make an appointment for a flu shot.

The Centers for Disease control reported earlier today that there’s plenty of flu vaccine available this year, meaning even healthy young men are encouraged to get vaccinated. (Remember, germs are lurking everywhere, especially the gym.)

And guess what? You should probably do it stat. Here’s why:

  • This year could be a harsh one. Yes, last flu season was mild. And while there’s no way to predict exactly what strains will rear their ugly little heads this year, the new vaccine does contain protection against a flu from the particularly harsh H3N2 family—which has been circulating elsewhere in the world.
  • The vaccine needs time to kick in. Flu season can begin as early as October, and your body needs time to build up the antibodies that protect you. This can take about two weeks post-injection—thus, the case for doing it now.
  • It’s cheaper and easier than you think. The flu vaccine is covered by insurance plans, and many drugstores offer the shot for about $30—which, when you think about what one case of the flu can cost you (doctor’s visits, over-the-counter-meds, etc.), is probably well worth it. Plus, for all you wusses out there, there’s a nasal spray option that’s safe and effective for men under 50.

So call your doc and schedule an appointment today. About 85 out of 135 million doses have already been distributed—and once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

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