Three Tips to Become the Smartest (money) Guy in the Room

Main three tips to become the smartest money guy in the room

Evidence is mounting that millennials are having genuine difficultuy assimilating into the corporate world. If you’re butting heads with your boss, here are six essential tips for not acting your age. Then, consider these simple money-saving tricks from Jack Otter, author of Worth It… Not Worth It? Simple & Profitable Answers to Life’s Tough Financial Questions, to get your finances in (grown-up) order too.

1) Buy a dollar for 80 or 90 cents

■ If you’re shopping, know that sites like offer gift cards at such a discount. Just don’t buy a card until you are sure you’ll spend the money. (Otherwise, it’s not a deal.)

2) Consider diesel

■ Yes, it costs more at the pump but delivers an estimated 15.5% more energy per content than regular gasoline, so you’re getting more energy per dollar.

3) Know the new lending guidelines for mortgages

■ Say it’s only a 3% down payment. (Whoa!) Should you? No. You’ll end up paying more each month, have to pony up for insurance, and increase the odds you’ll owe more than the house is worth.

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