Thrill of a Lifetime as Young Anglers Hook a Humpback Whale

Two boys fishing with their fathers off New South Wales, Australia, enjoyed the thrill of a lifetime Saturday when they hooked a humpback whale.

(Warning: One of the boys, in his excitement, uses profanity toward the end of the video).

The group was fishing for snapper off Kingscliff when one of several humpback whales in the vicinity breached suddenly behind their boat.

Lines were in the water and the whale — which might have been feeding on schooling baitfish – either became hooked or caught in the lines.

“And he knows, too,” one of the dads says in the video as the excitement level soars. “I don’t think he’s really happy about getting hooked.”

“Get the knife!” one of the boys suggests as it becomes clear that the lines could be lost to the enormous whale.

Glenn Brasen, who was on the boat with his son Nicholas, told 9 News, “It grabbed our lines so we just held on to them until they snapped, without giving up too much of the line.”

Brasen added, “We were relatively close to shore, and didn’t think they would come that far into the shallows.”

The close encounter was brief, but dramatic, inspiring shouts of joy and a handful of choice words from one of the boys.

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