How to strip down with no regrets on World Naked Bike Ride Day

Naked bike ride in Mexico City.
Riders wear as little or as much clothing as they want during the World Naked Bike Ride. Photo: Flickr

Have you heard about World Naked Bike Ride Day? It’s just what it sounds like: a bunch of folks taking off some or all of their clothes and pedaling around because clothing-optional pedaling should be available to people who don’t go to Burning Man. There are rides in L.A. and Portland, Oregon, as well as a lot of other U.S. cities. Naked bike ride season begins very soon — June 13 for many parts of the world — and this worldwide phenomenon is in 20 countries and 70 cities.

Some folks ride in their original skinsuit (haha, that’s a cycling-geek joke) as a political act protesting internal combustion, while others pedal au naturel for the fun of it.

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To find out if a ride is going on in your hood, check here. Before you hit the streets, follow these tips to maximize your World Naked Bike Ride Day fun.

Protect your head

LA River.
Safety first at the World Naked Bike Ride in Los Angeles. Photo: Flickr

Wear your helmet. Seriously. As much as full-body road rash sucks, concussions in the buff are the worst.

Assume that photos of this ride will live forever

naked homies
Undress to impress: World Naked Bike Ride. Photo: Flickr

They will. So if you have some highfalutin’ aspirations, err on the side of modesty.

Paint it black

We're just gonna let you caption this one. Photo: Flickr
We’re just gonna let you caption this one. Photo: Flickr

Or silver. Or a nice Statue of Liberty green. Body paint is encouraged, so be creative. Now is your chance to look like Tigger or Tony the Tiger or … whatever it is you wanna be for a few blissful hours. And if you don’t paint it, make sure you throw on some sunblock, at least for those rides that happen during the day.

Curb your enthusiasm

An English participant became so twitterpated by the nude ride that, um, he couldn’t contain his biological excitement. Don’t be that guy. Please.

Be aware of your surroundings and other riders

Women in leaves.
The Book of Genesis era cycling gear? Pedaling clothing built for Eve. Photo: Flickr

Group rides typically attract a diverse group of riders with different cycling backgrounds. Ride defensively and predictably. Falling is never fun, but when you’re nekkid it’s about as bad as it gets.

Bring a backpack or hip pouch

Because if you’re driving to the start, you’ll need a place to hold your keys. Pedaling? You’ll probably want some clothes for the ride there and back.

Be the party

If you’re rocking this outfit, but no pants, is it safe to say Disco Balls are in the house? A rider from the Brighton Naked Bike Ride 2014. Photo: Flickr

Bring party favors, whether that’s a sound system, sparklers or fun treats to share with fellow pedalers.

Slow and low, that is the tempo

This is a mellow ride, full stop. Maintain a pace that keeps the group together.

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