Tony Hawk talks about his brief street skating career and why he stuck to vert skating

Tony Hawk is usually one to reveal some details, if you can get him in a chair to talk. And filmer Colin Kennedy did just that recently for the upcoming documentary “L.A. Boys”.

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But, as you’ll see in this clip, Kennedy wanted to ask one question at the end about Hawk’s brief stint at street skating in the early 1990s. Even Hawk struggled to find vert ramps back then, as street skating was the hot, new thing.

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Hawk jumped on board like everyone else and was putting out fairly average parts in videos. He quickly realized he wasn’t going to have much of a career in it.

Hawk suffered successive ankle injuries on average tricks down stair sets, making him think hard about what kind of future he wanted. Did he just want to make it by as a street skater because he could or did he want to push the boundaries as far as he could as one of the best vert skaters ever?

“No one wants to see me lip slide a 7-stair. That’s not evolving, that’s not pushing the limits. That’s just showing I can do what every other street skater can do. The only way I was going to keep doing it into my adult age was on ramps, with knowing how to fall and knowing what I was best at. I just stuck with what I knew and saw it through. And here I am, on my $1-million vert ramp talking to you.”

We’re all glad he decided to see that whole vert skating thing through. It’s sure paid off for him.

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