Top 10 Longest Barrel Rides On Youtube

Top 10 Longest Tubes

It’s a well-known fact that the barrel ride is surfing’s Holy Grail. Accomplished by only the best and most devoted traveling surfers, we scoured the internet for the longest barrels we could find to bring you the Top 10 Longest Barrels. Sit back in your own pit and enjoy the view!

Ozzie Wright at Kandui
Ozzie Wright gets one of the longest barrels ever caught on film at Nokandui in the Mentawais. For guys like Ozzie, the spot should go by the name, “Kandui”.

Jesse Ah-Quinn at Desert Point
Shot a couple years ago and partially covered by the Back In Town logo, this wave of Hawaii’s Jesse Ah-Quinn busted down the barrel door to Desert Point. Is it longer than Ozzie’s at Kandui? We think so…

Taj Burrow at Barra De La Cruz, Mexico
Taj Burrow with another keeper from the Rip Curl Pro Search Somewhere in Mexico and held in what we’ll call the best surf seen in a contest in ages.

Jamie O at Desert Point
Shitty clip of an amazing wave, Jamie O’Brien uses the ass drag technique perfectly at Desert Point in Indonesia.

Kelly Slater in Indo
Maybe not the longest but Kelly Slater’s technique, execution, and setup for the barrel is too good pass up and not post. Watch and learn kids.

It’s no coincidence that Desert Point in Indonesia keeps appearing on this list; it’s home to one of the most perfect—and shallowest—barrels in the world. Apparently people like to burn the hell out of each other out there, too.

Cory Lopez at “Cory’s Left” in Africa
True, Cory Lopez doesn’t get that deep, but you can’t deny the length of this African drainer. Mix in the leaping seals and lunar-like landscape, this clip is a keeper!

Unknown at Barra De La Cruz
After scoring the swell of the season, The Rip Curl Pro Search at “La Jolla” in Mainland Mexico opened the floodgates to this pristine pointbreak…and hasn’t been this good since!

Benbo at The Box
Not the longest or biggest, but check out how deep in the barrel “Benbo” is right after taking off on this bowly Box wave.

Mikkey Duffus at Jeffrey’s Bay
And finally one for the underground chargers, Mikkey “Don’t call me doofus” Duffus gets a perfect double barrel at Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa.

Got a clip that trumps one of these? Let’s see it! Leave the link in the comment box…

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