Tortoise comes to aid of overturned tortoise

Tortoise, left, rescues another tortoise after it had been flipped over. Video screen grab

Imagine being a tortoise and somehow finding yourself upside down, on your back, unable to flip yourself over to get back on your feet.

Such a plight befell one tortoise recently in front of a group of schoolchildren at the Taipei Zoo. There the large reptile rested, on its shell, with its stout legs facing skyward, as helpless as a critter can be.

But then something remarkable happened. The accompanying footage, which was captured three weeks ago but began to circulate widely on the Internet this week, shows a second tortoise investigating the situation briefly before playing the hero.

The tortoise companion ultimately positioned itself in a way to get the best leverage, with the kids cheering its every move, and with a single a herculean push, it flipped the overturned tortoise back onto its feet.

Both reptiles the wandered off as if this were no big deal.

The video was uploaded by a YouTube user named AuDi Yu, who was visiting the zoo with his daughter. “The smart companion has saved it,” reads part of the title.

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