Touring Sea Kayaks Review – 2007

by Libby Bliss
Photography by John Bolivar
first appeared in Kayak Touring 2007

Just when you think another sea kayak couldn’t possibly fit into the market—voila!—some newcomers (Atlantis, Delta, Point 65 North) are angling for the name recognition enjoyed by companies that have been part of the kayaking lexicon (Eddyline, Prijon, Wilderness Systems)
for years.

While many of the kayaks in this review will be of interest to people looking for boats with a lot of size and space, there are a few smaller kayaks as well. If you’re looking for a seaworthy multiday touring boat, you’re in luck. Plastic, composites,
and materials in between? You’re in luck. The reviewers were even luckier—the kayaks were shipped to us. To demo these boats yourself, visit your local dealer.


  • DR
  • Age: 26-year-old male
  • Height & Weight: 6′, 175 lbs
  • Years paddling: 8
  • Skill level: “Supreme!” (purportedly)
  • LB
  • Age: 35-year-old female
  • Height & Weight: 5′ 3”, 160 lbs
  • Years paddling: 11
  • Skill level: Advanced
  • JM
  • Age: 56-year-old male
  • Height & Weight: 5′ 8”, 200 lbs
  • Years paddling: 30
  • Skill level: Expert


The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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