Tough Mudder Unveils Maniacal New Obstacles for 2018

Competitors drop into icy waters as part of Tough Mudder obstacle
Competitors drop into icy waters as part of Tough Mudder obstacleRoss Gilmore/Getty

Tough Mudder is an endurance race that features plenty of muddy, gritty obstacles along its 10-12 mile courses. The engineers behind it are upping the ante this year with a new range of challenges. Here are the three new hurdles you can expect in 2018.

1. Kong Infinity
This 18-foot tall structure has barrels fixed on top with rings around its circumference. In order to cross from one side to the other, you grab hold of one ring (or both) and heave your bodyweight up and forward to gain momentum and push the barrel along the tracks.

2. Happy Ending
Tough Mudder’s tallest obstacle to date (25 feet) features a slanted wall on which competitors must make a human pyramid to scale. Once on top, they’ll slip down a 30-foot slide.

3. The Vault
This obstacle is a mixed bag. It’s a surprise to competitors and can include a variety of obstacles from years past, 25 in all, including:
Leap of Faith
Human Gecko
Just the Tip
Dong Dangler
Gut Buster
Massive Turd
Underwater Tunnels
Boa Constrictor
Trench Warfare
Cage Crawl
Electric Eel
Cry Baby
Shocks on the Rocks
Hot Shots

Creative, no? Check out this video to watch Tough Mudder competitors in action on the new obstacles.

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