EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bertish Completes Transatlantic SUP Crossing!

Chris Bertish just paddled across the Atlantic Ocean on a standup paddleboard. Think about that for a second. Photo: Chris Bertish I’mpossible

Chris Bertish Completes Transatlantic SUP Crossing!

It is now official.

At 8:32 am AST today, March 9, South African Chris Bertish became the first man to successfully standup paddle across the Atlantic Ocean. In fittingly windy and rough conditions, Bertish stroked into Antigua’s English Harbour to complete a historic crossing that has covered an unbelievable 4050 miles, according to his team. He paddled 60 miles the day before to round out his final effort.

The milestone marks the triumphant close to the final chapter of a journey that began in Agadir, Morocco. With his friends, family and onlookers cheering him on and his brothers joining him to paddle the last stretch of the Harbour, Bertish took his final stroke and stepped onto dry land for the first time in 93 days.

It was a remarkable end to one of our sport’s most captivating stories.

Of course, Bertish’s solo, unassisted crossing has not been without its challenges. Shark encounters, equipment failures, unfavorable trade winds, loneliness and huge swells have been just a few of the obstacles that Bertish has had to overcome.

Through it all, he managed to keep the world updated with Captain’s Logs that provided a first-hand look into his hardships, successes, and state of mind. He even managed to spend an hour talking to the editor of SUP magazine, Will Taylor, for a fascinating mid-ocean interview.

Stay tuned to SUP magazine for more updates about this story throughout the day, including a Facebook live stream of his press conference in a few hours.


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