Traverse of White Line begs question: why?

Michal Kollbek drops below the White Line for the return to safety. Photo: Video screen grab

There are scenic bike trails and thrilling bike trails and downright frightening-looking bike trails, and the daunting White Line in Sedona, Arizona, qualifies on all three counts.

So the question on the Facebook page, after video surfaced showing Michal Kollbek’s incredible traverse of the White Line, was, simply, “Would you ride this trail?”

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The answer, between the lines of dozens of comments pertaining to the absurdity of riding an indiscernible trail across the nearly sheer side of a towering rock wall, and somehow turning around for the return trip, was a resounding “no.”

“There aught [sic] to be a law against such foolery!” suggested one reader.

Clearly, this is a traverse only a top-level rider would or should attempt, given the severe consequences if that rider does not have the right equipment—and the right tire pressure to avoid a fatal slide-out—as well as the proper frame of mind.

Kollbek, a three-time Polish downhill champion, makes it look easy, thanks to 15 years of experience riding extreme terrain.

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