Travis Pastrana Backflips From One Barge to Another on the River Thames

Leave it to Travis Pastrana to come up with another unique world’s first. This time, the motocross legend situated a motorcycle jump on a barge in the River Thames, with the landing on another barge.

Amidst high winds and rough waters in London on the Thames, Pastrana went for the barge-to-barge trick on Thursday.

It’s tough with Pastrana sometime to gauge just how difficult something is, since he can do just about any of these things in his sleep. But as he tells in the video, “I don’t think I’ve been this nervous about doing a single backflip since 2003 X Games when we started doing the 75 [foot ramp].”

That’s saying something about the degree of difficulty for this world’s first barge-to-barge motorcycle backflip. Both barges are moving, the wind was gusting up to 20 mph and you can only factor those sorts of elements in so much.

But he’s still Travis Pastrana, and lands the backflip with ease. As Pastrana said in a press release:

“Landing such a massive trick like this is incredible. Then to do it in such an awesome location, in such an iconic city, makes it even more special. The conditions were definitely a challenge. With the waves and especially the strong winds you get variables beyond your control and that’s where things can really go wrong.”

Just another mark for Pastrana’s lengthy list of world’s firsts.

Travis Pastrana backflipping on the Thames. Photo: Courtesy of Sam Neill/Nitro Circus

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