Travis Pastrana enjoys thrill ride with 1-year-old daughter on the throttle

Addy Pastrana takes daddy on a thrill ride around the yard.

Travis Pastrana is a legendary action sports athlete who gained fame first as a supercross racer, then as a freestyle motocross star who dominated the X Games year after year by performing mind-boggling tricks while soaring 40 feet above ground.

Now, though, another Pastrana appears to have developed a craving for speed and motorized thrills. Addy Pastrana is only 1 year old, but she’s already learning to ride and, like her superstar dad, she has trouble laying off the throttle.

The accompanying footage shows Travis and Addy speeding in circles around their grassy backyard, with Travis gripping the handlebars and at times using an outstretched leg to guard against a potential fall. Addy, throughout the ride, is actually controlling the throttle (and ignoring the brake).

“I’m not sure if she doesn’t understand how to slow down or simply likes to go fast,” Travis stated on Facebook. “Either way, fun times!”

In the footage, Travis can be heard yelling, “Slow down, slow down, slow down! … Let off the throttle!”

It’s worth noting, for the sake of concerned parents, that Addy is wearing a helmet, they are riding on grass, and Travis can control a motorcycle as well or better than anyone on the planet.

Travis Pastrana implores his daughter to lay off the throttle, to no avail.

In the first 19 hours on Facebook, the video had garnered more than 3 million views. The comments, mostly from Pastrana fans, were mostly positive.

A sampling:

• “So awesome. Just like daddy!”

• “Parenting Done Right.. Cant Wait To Enjoy The Same When I Have Children Of My Own!”

• “The only thing the little ones understand, is grip it and rip it.”

• I never thought i would hear fear in travis pastranas voice when on a small capacity bike.”

Pastrana’s wife, Lyn-z, is a pro skateboarder, so it’s only a matter of time before Addy becomes a two-sport athlete.

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