Trending on Reddit Now: What Guys Hate About Each Other

Trending on Reddit Now: What Guys Hate About Each Other

The latest trending thread on Reddit asks: “Men, what do you hate about other men?” And the responses are pretty hilarious. User “dziwizona” says he was inspired by a similar post, where girls shared what they hated about each other. A little curiosity about what the opposite sex would have to say, created one heck of a thread, garnering over 9,000 comments. 

Here are some of the best responses:

“Dudes who can’t fend for themselves when it comes to domestic duties. Learn how to cook a couple meals, clean a toilet, turn on a vacuum, and develop some other simple homemaking tendencies.” – ladouglas

“To add to the alpha male thing, I hate the bar-creeper-gotta-bring-a-girl-home-every-night mentality that some guys have. I was at a bar about an hour before closing time talking to my really good friend and his girlfriend about random stuff. Then one of his friends comes at me like someone from Jersey Shore and starts asking me “dude, why aren’t you talking to any chicks?” I replied that I didn’t know and I’m just here to get drunk and have fun like a normal person. He comes back with “you’re supposed to get with chicks at bars! Didn’t you know!? You see that girl over there? Go talk to her!” This guy was seriously bent out of shape because I wasn’t at a bar to talk to girls.” – pitchingataint

“I hate the guys who drink and try to fight everybody, including their own friends.” – alkalinejm

“Sports. Other men always assume I like sports. Just because I have a penis doesn’t mean I like sports.” – mournfulwombat

“When guys comment on girls facebook pics with idiotic crap like wow sexy, hey beautiful ;), and other things that reek of desperation.” – Zodiark1

“As a guy I hate that stupid head nod we do to each other for acknowledgement. I’m never sure if mine is noticeable enough so I end up bobbing my head up and down a bunch looking like an idiot.” – kaboomeh

“I remember one time I was in a hotel elevator with 3 guys and 1 girl. When the girl got out of the elevator one of the guys said she was into him because she looked at him for a few seconds and he was totally serious about it.” – lee400800

“Nothing. Dudes are awesome. High Five.” – blondedre3000

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