Try Not to Flinch as a Den of Rattlesnakes Attacks a GoPro

Amateur videographer Michael Delaney was filming a rattlesnake den when a few of the snakes decided they'd had enough of the GoPro. If Delaney's footage of the slithering pile of venomous snakes isn't unnerving enough, try not to jump when they begin striking the camera.

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Eventually, Delaney knocks his venom-smudged camera out of the snakes with a hockey stick. And we have to say we're impressed by how nonchalant the cameraman seemed around the rhumba of snakes. Rattlesnake venom is treatable and rarely results in death (still, 5 to 6 Americans die annually), but it is hemotoxic, meaning it can disrupt blood clotting and destroy tissue. The antivenom can also be an unpleasant experience, as many patients have a delayed allergic reaction that last days. Even with a long stick like Delaney's, we don't recommend ever approaching rattlesnakes. But thanks to his video, we have an up-close look at what we're missing.

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