Two Truths and a Lie: Home Remedies

Aloe vera main

You know the game Two Truths and a Lie, right? It’s where someone you’ve just met reveals three personal facts. Except there’s a catch: One is completely bogus. We’re taking the gist of this classic icebreaker and applying it to some commonly used home remedies. Check out each trio of “truths” and see if you can spot the lie.

5 Top Remedies for Colds and Ailments

A. Hydrogen peroxide is a good antiseptic.
B. Aloe vera heals burns.
C. You don’t have to drink eight glasses of water a day.

What You Need to Know About H2O

THE TRUTHS: (B) Aloe vera heals burns nearly nine times faster, on average. (C) While it’s certainly important to stay hydrated, there isn’t any scientific evidence to warrant downing that much H2O.

THE LIE: (A) Surely, the foam and fizz of hydrogen peroxide on cuts means it’s working, right? Wrong. A 2009 study found that hydrogen peroxide actually prolonged the healing process by inhibiting fibroblasts, types of cells essential for tissue formation.

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