The unholy matrimony of cross-country skiing and standup paddleboarding

SUPski standup paddleboarding cross-country skiing
Cross-country skiing meets standup paddleboarding.

In recent months we’ve seen people attempt to merge everything from painting to roller skating with standup paddleboarding to mixed results.

But if you thought people couldn’t possibly come up with new ways to stand on a board and paddle through water, than you are sadly mistaken: a new company called SUPski has introduced the world’s first paddleboard system that harnesses the movements of cross-country skiing:

Announced at this year’s Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida, the Supski is designed to be installed on an existing board, and reportedly should work with standard modular paddles.

In a press release for the product, it’s creators state that “[the SUPski’s] unique design will open up paddleboarding to those with poor balance, the older generation, cross country skiers, individuals who want even more from their paddle board workout and anyone who thinks it’s cool to cross-country ski on water.”

Pre-ordering information the SUPski system is available on the company’s website.

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