Usain Bolt Wins the World Championships, Then Gets Hit by a Segway

Imagine you're at the Track and Field World Championships, celebrating your 10th gold medal and renewed status as the fastest man in the world — take that, Justin Gatlin. And then bam, a cameraman knocks you — Usain Bolt — down with his Segway. A Segway! But you're Usain Bolt, and you just ran 200 meters in 19.55 seconds, so you don't let the fall slow you down for long.

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Bolt being the athlete he is, got right back on his feet. Segways, while understandably cool — nerdy and a little lazy, but cool — aren't uncommon to see at big sporting events broadcasted all over the world. The cameraman, to this credit, appeared to be trying to give Bolt extra space and misjudged his distance to the adjacent railing. Luckily, Bolt wasn't injured, but it could easily have been another story. Next summer, Bolt will head to Rio to run in the 2016 Summer Olympics. We just hope all the camera dudes on Segways contain their enthusiasm when he's celebrating his next gold medals.

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