Utah avalanche narrowly misses hot springs

Diamond Fork hot springs saw some avalanche activity from up above on Monday. It is so important to have the appropriate gear and training when traveling in the backcountry. A group of unaware and unprepared teenagers were enjoying the hot springs when the avalanche came down from above and barely missed them. The debris did bury all of their clothes however. Luckily a group of knowledgeable hikers were right there to assist. Thank you for being prepared and digging their clothes out @jakeward90 and friends. Very important to always be ready and aware when out in the backcountry. Come practice on Friday @brightonresort ! We will be doing another Companion Rescue class, 530pm at the Milly Chalet. Bring Beacon, Shovel, Probe, and HEADLAMP. More info on our events page. ‪#‎utavy‬ ‪#‎knowbeforeyougo‬ #hotsprings

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An avalanche outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, nearly engulfed a group of teenagers relaxing in a hot spring Monday, according to the Utah Avalanche Center.

While the teens weren’t injured, their clothes were completely buried by the debris and a group of experienced hikers happened to pass by the Diamond Fork Hot Springs also called the Fifth Water Hot Springs.

They used a shovel to help the teens find their clothes.

Jake Ward, one of the hikers going by said the teens should have been better prepared.

“The three boys were lucky we had a shovel to dig all of their clothes out of the debris pile. Granted, there are lots of people using this area (but) it still doesn’t make sense to leave the necessary supplies at home,” Ward wrote on Instagram.

The hot springs are about a 12-mile hike into the backcountry or 2.5 miles, depending on the starting point.

Since the pools are deep in the backcountry, there is no cell reception which would have made a rescue difficult.

Ward cautioned against hiking ill-prepared, something of which he said he saw a lot of that day.

“It blew my mind today that so many folks were deep in Spanish Fork hiking to the hot springs so ill prepared,” he wrote on Instagram.

The Utah Avalanche Center teaches avalanche training nearby for people interested in learning avalanche safety training.
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