Van Tours: How This Silversmith Lives Life on the Road in Her 1970 Roadrunner Travel Trailer

In this episode of Van Tours, we catch up with artist and silversmith Eileen Ricigliano, who lives full-time out of her 1970 Roadrunner Travel Trailer.

“I didn’t really plan this. If you had asked me 10 years ago I would have never seen this coming,” says Ricigliano.

Although unexpected, life on the road has never been a challenge for Ricigliano. She came upon her future home-on-wheels on a whim, and living life on the road full-time just came together for her. She had never even towed a trailer prior to purchasing her Roadrunner – in fact, she didn’t even have a vehicle capable of towing when she purchased it. She points to the adaptability we all possess for making it happen.

Ricigliano lives a simple life and (by planning ahead) has maintained life on the road with ease. She brings in all her own drinking water, food and supplies, and camps outside of high-traffic areas.

Functioning as both her living space and mobile studio, the Roadrunner is full of charm and thoughtful details. Artwork from friends that she’s met along the road, as well as original components like the turquoise wheels and the vintage bluedot reflector, make Ricigliano’s trailer unique.

The sink and stovetop are originals, and the curtain rods on all the windows are arrows, keeping with the Southwestern motif that runs throughout the trailer and Ricigliano’s work.

“The little bit of extra work is totally worth it to live this way … Just for the freedom,” explains Ricigliano. “I’ve been living on the road full-time for three years … and I see no end in sight.”

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