The Veterans Operation Wellness

Spike Veterans Operation Wellness

Veterans Operation Wellness (VOW) is a new Spike campaign created to inspire veterans to make the same commitment to their health and wellness that they made to their country. Spike wants to help veterans lead healthier lives through training and exercise, a better diet, and engagement with the communities they live in. They’re also encouraging civilians who want to support vets to get out and connect with them through physical fitness and local activities.

VOW is launching with the Veterans Wellness Challenge, a fundraising competition where our non-profit partners below are competing for $50,000 from Spike and Viacom. The three non-profits that raise the most between September 8 and October 13, 2014 will win grand prizes. Each of these organizations has created amazing events you can participate in and raise money for.

Click here to donate to the Veterans Wellness Challenge >>>

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