Video: Little White Salmon at record flows

This is the gnarly video you will see today. In fact, it’s likely the gnarliest video you will see this month. When warm spring rains jump started an early snow melt in the pacific Northwest, water levels sky rocketed and created the perfect conditions for kayakers Ben Marr and Aniol Serrasolses to push the boundaries of the sport. They completed a full descent of the Little White Salmon, including Spirit Falls, at 5.4 feet on the gauge, besting the pervious mark set by Todd Wells, Brendan Wells, and Kyle Hull several years ago.

Update (April 4th, 2017): Ben Marr’s run at 5.4 feet remains the highest complete descent of the Little White Salmon, including Spirit Falls. We’ve received reports that two other groups have since paddled the river at 5.5 feet on the gage, but with a portage at Spirit Falls. Those paddlers include Dane Jackson, Bren Orton, Adrian Mattern, Kyle Hull, and Evan Garcia. We look forward to watching this story develop further as the melt continues in the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s the video of the 5.5 lap:

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